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King Truck Wash is a non-mobile truck wash servicing trucks, RV's and other commercial vehicles in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. We offer 100% Hand Washes, Aluminum Acid Washes, Degreasers applications, Polish, High Pressure Steam Cleaning and more.

We are here to provide high quality washes to keep your trucks and RV's clean and looking good. Our service professionals have years of experience and know what your car needs. We offer friendly advice and do our part to keep you happy and the environment clean.

Unlike Mobile Services, we do not polute the ground and water supply. Not only do most Mobile Services pollute the environment, but they are illegal and your company may be fined. Our facilities are designed to handle the waste and grime that builds on your vehicle.

Do not go through the hassle of an inspection and let us take care of you. Our location is properly equipped to handle these pollutants and we are licensed to properly dispose them.


We Service:

Trucks / Trailers



Other Commercial Vehicles


12500 E. Slauson Ave # G-2

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

(562) 945-4826

Mon - Sat (6 am - 6 pm)

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